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Tsukuyomi offers you a great deal of liquor and food and a great time

If you want to enjoy special sake and sake such as shochu and seasonal dishes near Sakai Station, Sakai-ku, Osaka Prefecture, come to Izakaya Tsukuyomi. We offer wonderful moments for friends, couples and women who drink alone, as well as those who have a particular interest in sake.

Tsukuyomi boasts an extensive selection of different types of liquor. Enjoy sake, shochu, beer, shochu soda, cocktails, fruit liquor, whiskey and more.

Especially sake is sake. There are various types of rice, such as Junmai Daiginjo, and you can enjoy cold sake, normal temperature, lukewarm water and hot spring to your liking. For those who like to drink a lot, we also offer a set compared to the drink. In addition, shochu is also a good selection of items as well as sake. We can offer sweet potato, wheat, chestnut, shiso, brown sugar, sushi, awamori to your taste.

If you have a good drink, don't forget the perfect food. Enjoy the 7-ring grill of Tsukuyomi's gourmet menu with sake.

You can also enjoy a standard menu of grilled large clam butter grilled with charcoal or overnight drying of squid, as well as the well-established Nishiki-no-Taniten of Kashiwa and the pasteten of Mirimo. We also offer a variety of dishes, from sashimi platters to ladles, tempuras, grilled dishes, one-off menus and desserts.

If you want to spend a special day with a person who is interested in sake, colleagues, friends or lovers, or in a calm atmosphere, please choose Tsukuyomi, a pub in Sakai City.

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