When you like what you like


Our favorite menu is "seven grilled".
We have a variety of menus depending on the season, and you can have something you like at the time you like.

By burning it with charcoal, it can be heated by infrared rays to create various "delicious" elements. Please enjoy the plump seven-seater dishes in the surface of Paris and inside!

Rich drink


At Tsukuyomi, we are particular about the type of alcohol. We have a large selection of beer, shochu soda, etc., as well as sake, shochu and fruit liquor.

From beginners who are not familiar with the fact that they are not accustomed to drinking and who feels delicious ... to those who like to want to drink a brand that they have never met before! We look forward to your lineup.

Reasonable food


Our menu is well-received if it is reasonable. We cherish to offer delicious things even if it is cheap, so please enjoy with confidence.

We set such a price from the thought that "we want customers to feel as close as possible to something as delicious as possible". It's perfect for back home work, so feel free to use it.

Banquets with various plans


Tsukuyomi offers various courses depending on the season. Please use it for banquets such as celebrations as well as drinking party after work.

We can have you use properly according to the scene to be used from the course where the seven-ring grille of our shop best menu was contained to the course of the standard pot of the banquet!