2. 七輪コース 飲み放題付き4000円

七輪コース 飲み放題付き4000円


You can also enjoy the Ichiban-no-sushi 7-ring grilled course. The salmon comes with a grilled rice ball that can be baked with soy sauce using its seven rings. It seems delicious just by listening to it, right?

Course content

  • Vinegar miso soup with ponzu vinegar
  • Smoked green soybeans
  • Three types of sashimi platter
  • Potato crispy salad
  • Fried chicken with oyster sauce
  • Seven ring set <Soybean paste miso-dried, squid-dried overnight, Shishamo, Eringui, etc., a total of nine types)
  • Grilled rice ball
  • Today's dessert


Course Name
七輪コース 飲み放題付き4000円
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Utilization number
2 to 20 people booking
Reservation deadline
Until 12:00 the day before arrival
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