2. 海の幸七輪焼きコース 飲み放題付き5200円

海の幸七輪焼きコース 飲み放題付き5200円

★ Luxury ★ All 8 products ★ 90 minutes to drink!

It is a luxurious seven-wheeled course one rank higher! Please enjoy gorgeous ingredients such as large clams and shrimps in 7 wheels!

Course content

  • Tako ponzu vinegar with miso sauce
  • Smoked green soybeans
  • Assorted sashimi five varieties
  • シーザーサラダ
  • Tempura Assorted 4
  • Assorted sashimi platters of the sea (a total of nine types including red prawns, large clams, and miso-dried salmon)
  • 焼きおにぎり 焼きマシュマロ
  • Today's dessert


Course Name
海の幸七輪焼きコース 飲み放題付き5200円
Number of course items
8 products
Utilization number
2 to 20 people booking
Reservation deadline
Until 12:00 the day before arrival
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